I have 2 Yorkshire Terriers. Without a doubt, Yorkies are the best pets I have ever owned. Both of them came from good Yorkie breeders with good reputations. They have completely different personalities, but fit perfectly into my family and my lifestyle.  Pomeranian puppies for sale USA

Many people are tempted with the newspaper ads or internet ads saying, “Yorkie Puppy for Sale.” But choosing a great Yorkshire Terrier puppy is the most important first step in becoming a Yorkie owner. So how to you choose a good Yorkie puppy for your family?

You Should Choose a Yorkie- Don’t Let the Yorkie Choose You.

When I was first married, a read numerous books about how to choose the right dog for my family. Each book suggested that I choose the puppy in the litter who comes directly to me and seems to like me more than the others. Apparently, that meant I would have the best bond with that puppy. I did that with my first 2 dogs and it turned out to be a disaster for this uneducated new pet owner. Both of those dogs were so hyper that I could not control them and ended up giving them to other families.

Obviously, this is not always the case, but my experience shows that it is usually the case when choosing a new puppy. Today, I have enough knowledge to train a hyper dog, so I’m sure it would work out. But, if you don’t have the patience to deal with a hyper dog, here’s what I suggest…